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Inquisitive about how to discover a ring size? Most people have no idea what their spouse’s ring size is until the time arrives to purchase the engagement ring for life’s most important moment. It is not a common fact to know your ring size off the top of your head, which is why your mate might not actually know their own either. Ring size is one of the first key steps in what to know when purchasing an engagement ring and with some easy tips; you will become an expert at finding your correct ring size. If going to a jeweler to determine your or your loved one’s ring size appears relentless, try at-home methods that are just as accurate.

Method to Measure Ring Size

If you are buying a ring as a gift for your friend and you should know the exact size of the ring. It is a vital factor while purchasing a ring to determine the perfect size of the ring. The Ring sizes are numbers that are linked with the diameter or circumference of the inside of the ring’s band. The style of the Ring concerns the size of hollow rings that are larger than solid rings.

A wide “comfort-fit” ring is more comfortable to slide on your fingers than a similar ring with a flat inner surface. Rings that are too large may accidentally fall off. On the other hand, a too-tight ring will restrict blood flow to the finger. A ring that is too tight can cause the skin to swell around it, making the fingers appear fat and blocking the side view of a beautiful ring.

You Can Figure out The Actual Size by The Method Mentioned Below

The most reliable way to determine the ring size is to go to the jeweler. Of course, many people will do this absolutely for free. You can try different ways to figure out ring size they are:

  • At Home
  • On the Internet
  • Charts

1. How to Figure Out Ring Size At Home

By use of paper or string- Trim a piece of string or a strip of paper. Cover the piece of string or paper around your finger. Mark the string or paper at the point where they merge, which makes a complete circle around your finger. Unroll the string or paper and set it against a ruler with millimeter measurements. The length of your measurement is the circumference of your finger.  

2. How to Figure out Ring Size Online/on the Internet

For using the ring size chart online method to measure your finger size, you usually will need to have the ring, which properly fits your finger first.

The ring can also be used to measure your size with the ruler to measure your finger size.

To find the right size, place your ring on one of the circles, making sure that the inside edge of your ring lines up with the drawing. You can double-check your size by putting the ring on the next larger size and surveying whether the edges line up with your ring. If your ring falls between two sizes, go for the bigger size to be safe. 

By using the online chart to find the proper ring size guide chart just by placing a ring onto the screen just like an ordinary ring ruler, which you can use in the offline method.

3. How to Figure out According to the Chart Table Size

With the downloadable ring seizer, you already get the precise ring size of your finger. Regardless, if you choose to use a piece of string or paper, you'll need to transform your size to the actual ring measure using a ring size guide. Our ring size guide below features the circumference of a finger in millimeters and its corresponding ring size.

For illustration- A ring size of 1, has a circumference of 39.1 mm. To find your size, you’ll need to compare the measurement you received from the string or paper to the conversion chart below.

ring size guide
Print This Chart

Tips to find the perfect ring size 

  • Always estimate your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are the largest. Our hands innately swell throughout the day. 
  • Make sure you measure the ring finger on the hand you’ll wear it on. So, you base sizing on the finger you’ll wear the ring on.
  • Knuckles tend to be larger than the actual finger, so make sure your account for that while taking measures. 
  • Take measurements over multiple days. Swelling, salt intake, and other elements can affect your finger size from day to day. Simply take measurements over a few days, at the same time of day and use the average to find the right ring size for you.

Purchase a ring seizer from Amazon. Don’t trust yourself to find measurements? Jump on Amazon and buy a ring seizer. These tools are inexpensive and have every standard size (and half size) to get an accurate fit.

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