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The shapes of moissanite rings were established years ago after a lot of Research on the angles of light refraction through moissanite. Moissanite is that stone perfect as a sparkling and lively stone.

So, if you are in the market looking for the best cut and shape of a moissanite ring, here are a few best shapes of moissanite stone that you may find very interesting.

  •  Round Shape
round cut moissanite ring

Aside from the fact that this is the most preferable shape, it is designed to maximize the fire and brilliance of any moissanite stone. It provides the most sparkle when compared with any other shape. An interesting fact is that one round brilliant shape of a moissanite ring has much more fire and brilliance than a diamond ring. People said that diamond shines are bright clearly have not seen what a round brilliant shaped moissanite ring does have.

The round Brilliant shaped ring comes with 58 facets carefully designed to reflect light back through the top of the stone, instead of letting it pass through the bottom or sides.

A classic Round brilliant-shaped ring will dance with sparkle when light is passed through it. However, the poor quality of the same ring looks dull and lifeless. So therefore far the best shape for a moissanite ring.

The Round brilliant ring will never depart, leave out of style. If you are a classy lady looking for a unique moissanite engagement rings then a circular brilliant-shaped moissanite ring might just be the choice for you

  • Oval shaped :
oval cut moissanite ring

It was introduced in the late 1950s. This shape offers the same brilliance and shines as a round in a less common design. It is thought to accentuate long, slender hands. Not popular for solitaire rings. However, often it is found with two other matching stones in anniversary rings. It is not only flawless but also looks like a diamond. Many people are confused an oval-shaped moissanite ring with a diamond ring but it sparkles even more.

This shape of the ring is amongst the most popular and best options for moissanite engagement rings oval due to its elongated shape. Oval-shaped moissanite rings offer plenty of bunches when it comes to brilliance as they are designed with 70 facets.

The elongated shape of an oval moissanite ring makes its ring appear bigger than normal. An oval-cut moissanite ring is very flawless and easy to clean. If you are looking for an engagement or wedding ring, you should definitely get this shape because it is very attractive and affordable.

  •  Emerald shaped:
emerald cut moissanite ring

Just like an oval-shaped ring, the emerald shape is also the best option for rings. It is one of the favorites among vintage enthusiasts. This shape has long facets that give out radiant and continuous flashes. It means that it is very sparkly and a good choice for those who love some glitter.

Windmills are sometimes added to moissanite rings emerald cut to make them look like they are four windmill blades going from the corners to the center of the stone.

An emerald-shaped moissanite ring has a few facets and thus the imperfections in the gem may be visible. The stone may not be as transparent as other rings and this might require a buyer to assist, obtain the highest quality of this cut that he or she can afford.

This shape also has clipped corners that make it last longer than the other shapes. Its shape also makes it appear bigger than it is. Rings with this cut have a very glamorous look. This shape is also very affordable and a positive choice for people on tight budgets.

  •  Square/Princess Brilliant:
princess cut moissanite ring

This Square Moissanite is also known as the Princess-cut Moissanite Stone.  This shape is faceted to maximize its unique and unraveled sparkle. This shape is perfect for someone looking for a durable and classy ring. It's eye-catching and it has a good shimmering effect. Hereby, it is also cost-friendly, depending on the quality which you want.

  •  Cushion-shaped moissanite ring:
cushion cut moissanite ring

This ring almost has similar features to the square brilliant-shaped ring but with rounded corners. Another name for cushion shape is pillow shape. It resembles a pillow if you take a close look at it. Its cushion-like shape gives it a very glamorous and attractive look. It also has a sparkly nature and lasts a lifetime if well taken care of.

Cushion-shaped moissanite rings were once the most popular cuts for engagement rings before oval shape took over the position. Brides who are looking for something more unique and classy should consider getting this ring.

  •  Radiant shaped :
radiant cut moissanite ring

The shape of a radiant moissanite ring is similar to the emerald ring. The degree of fire almost resembles that of a round brilliant-shaped ring.

A square or rectangle-shaped moissanite ring doesn’t usually achieve maximum sparkle and brilliance. The radiant shape was designed to change this. Not the most popular shaped moissanite, it may appeal to those seeking something different while still wanting the shine of a round brilliant ring.

The radiant-shaped ring has its own inner beauty and brilliance. It can be very difficult to identify the difference between emerald and radiant rings. Only an expert can identify.


  •  Pear:

A robust moissanite shape that produces fiery sparkle, the pear-shaped moissanite ring looks like frozen tear drops. It’s a common shape, however, not nearly as popular as the princess or round shape. This shape comes with various beautiful designs and it is best, especially on engagement rings. Elegant and sophisticated are terms often used to describe rings set with pear-shaped stones. You should get a pear-shaped moissanite ring because it is very affordable and the prices range with the quality which you want.

  • Marquise:

A very well-known and popular shape, the Traditional marquise ring has been around for centuries. It was invented as a tribute to the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour by French king Louis XIV in the 1700s. It is also very eye-catching and quite affordable just like the other rings.

  • Heart:

At once cliché and classic, a heart-shaped moissanite ring speaks volumes about the buyer. Not very popular nowadays, it may be difficult to find a retailer who carries this ring. It is shaped like a heart or rather the symbol of love. It is a very unique shape and a good option for those who love being outstanding.

  • Trilliant:

This is another wonderful development in moissanite shapes that occurred during the mid-1900s. The trilliant-shaped ring is very beautiful and fiery. It is sometimes referred to as a triangle-shaped ring. This is because of it has a triangle shape with smooth or straight edges. Straight sides are preferred though rounded edges are commonly produced according to the dimensions of the rough stone. The prices of the trilliant-shaped ring range according to quality however; this shape is only for the bold and adventurous.

So, here we have listed some of the beautiful shapes for the moissanite stone. The best thing is that all of these shapes are very affordable and resistant to tearing and chipping. As Moissanite also has high brilliance and is very sparkly. You can never go wrong with a moissanite ring of any shape and design. If you are looking for where to shop for any of the rings above, we have them in stock. All you have to do is make your choice and inform us. We have moissanite rings of different shapes and carats.

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