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Top Facts About Moissanite Should Know

Moissanite is an immense gemstone; it is one of the trendiest gemstones used for engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry. It's a new category of Gemstone that gives more fire and brilliance.

Let's have a look at why an increasing number of people are choosing Moissanite for their high-end jewelry.

What Is Moissanite Stone?

Moissanite is a naturally emerging silicon carbide and its crystalline polymorphs, as Moissanite used in jewelry is a synthetic gemstone.

In 1893 a French scientist, Henry Moissan, was scuffling around in a meteor crater in Arizona when he discovered a small deposit of beautiful gemstones while he was looking for crystalline chemical compositions ideal for efficient electrical conductivity... It was found with fire and brilliance never before seen on earth. Hence, later Henry Moissan declared that it is silicon carbide.

How Moissanite Is Created?

how moissanite creat

With the help of silicon and carbon, a combination of pressure and heat is created through which moissanite is formed.  To start the moissanite production process, Charles & Colvard receives single silicon carbide crystals from Cree. They are called performs when it’s cut into small crystal piece.

Moissanite diamonds are very hard and can be used for daily wear too as they rank 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Superior Moissanite Fire and Brilliance


The stunning beauty of the Moissanite can't be matched with any other because of its excessive fire and brilliance. You can compare the Moissanite brilliance and fire to any other jewel and you will see why we say it is unlike any gemstone ever seen.

The experience of our customers says that, when casual observers take notice of their Moissanite gemstones, they sniff and exclaim, "Wow, that’s an incredible diamond!"

Moissanite has a high meditative index of 2.65 – 2.69 analogized to a diamond at 2.42.

 Commonly, moissanite may have more brilliance than a diamond.

Moissanite Durability and Hardness

durability and hardness


Moissanite has excellent durability that makes them set in hard metals like Gold and Platinum without the gamble of chipping or scratching...

Moissanite is a very durable stone as it ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are the second hardest after the diamonds. The moissanite doesn't scratch easily. Hence, they are more durable and scratch-resistant than another popular gemstone. This quality of the Moissanite makes them last forever.

Moissanite Shapes and Cuts

Diamonds which are most commonly cut to maximize carat weight while Moissanite gemstones are faceted and cut to maximize the foremost fire and brilliance of the gemstone. After years of studying the angles of light refraction through Moissanite, the ideal Moissanite cut designs were established...

The Round cut shape is the most popular shape in the moissanite. They have 58 facets, skillfully and precisely placed to reflect the ultimate amount of light from it.

What Type of Clarity Does Moissanite Have?

clarity scale

According to the experts, the clarity of the moissanite is equivalent to the VS Diamond clarity on the GIA scale. It means that the particles or inclusions can be seen with the help of magnification, and under a jeweler's loupe (10 x magnifications) as it's difficult to see...

All the moissanite rings have the same brilliance, fire, durability, clarity, and quality. The only difference is the color and the different grades of the Moissanite. They possess the forever one colorless, the forever classic, and forever brilliant.

If you are wondering about moissanite and do they have IF and F grades? Then the answer is, that moissanite does not exist despite the unethical claims of some retailers. Hence, their best grades range from the VVS1 moissanite clarity to VS2.

Difference between Moissanite and Diamond 

moissanite vs diamond





Diamond is assessed on a scale of D-Z, the D grade means the diamond is the purest and completely colorless. It has a natural body appearance with no traces of yellow, brown, or grey, resulting in a dazzling bright white color. 

The moissanite is similar in color to GIA- certificate in K color diamond, which means it would fall in the faint color rather than colorless or near-colorless. They are yet colorless but still project a yellow or greyish hue in certain lights.


It is a known fact that diamonds are the hardest substance on the earth ranking 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. According to their score, the diamonds have nice durability and can be worn daily.

As Moissanite ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is lower than diamond but it ranks higher than any other Gemstones utilized in the jewelry. Thus, it makes them the second hardest stone after diamond.


The diamond reflects in three different ways, the brilliance refers to the white light reflected off the diamond. A diamond's brilliance also creates the basis of its sparkle and brightness. Thus, the combination of the 3 reflects creates the famous sparkle.

The brilliance of the moissanite is higher than the diamond because of its higher refractive index. Their faceting patterns are also different. Moissanite flexes light a lot, indicating light bounces around more, giving it the highest sparkle!


Diamonds although more expensive and are of great value as they can be passed down for generations and still their value. Thus, if you are looking for value then diamonds are costlier than moissanite. Hence, the price of a 1-carat diamond is between $1,800 and $12,000.

The best advantage of moissanite over the diamond is the price of moissanite is considerably cheaper than a diamond.  Generally, the price of moissanite stands at one-tenth of the price of a diamond. Here, their price varies on the biases of the size. Hence, the price of the 1carat moissanite is $1,405


Moissanite Jewelry

moissanite jewelry

If we are talking about Indian jewelry, how can we forget to talk about its significant appearance and attractive beauty? In the last few decades, the moissanite jewelry and stones have taken over the world by providing their special fire, brilliance, and sparkle. The moissanite stone as well as any style of jewelry made from the moissanite furnishes the perfection of striking excellence, brilliance, beauty, and durability. Hence, the moissanite diamond is one of the most recent additions to the existing traditional jewelry stones.

Some Facts About the Moissanite

  • Moissanite Fell From the Stars
  • Moissanite has Two Enchanting Nicknames - Stardust and the Space Diamond.
  • Moissanites Look Extremely Similar To Diamonds
  • Moissanites Are More Brilliant Than Diamonds
  • They are Remarkably Durable
  • Moissanites Are Even Rarer
  • Moissanite is Very Good in Price
  • They are highly Honorable than Diamonds

Here, if you are wondering where to buy the moissanite jewelry then I would suggest you make a purchase from the Loose Moissanite. Each gemstone is selected very carefully to have its cut, color, carat, shape, and brilliance. Get yourself moissanite jewelry from our extensive collection and make an addition to your jewelry. Thus, you can create your personal favorite jewelry too...

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