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What is Moissanite Engagement Ring Price?

moissanite engagement ring

Let's Take a Look at What Is a Moissanite Stone

Moissanite is an incredibly beautiful stone, becoming extremely popular as an engagement ring and one of the best alternatives to a mined diamond. Moissanite is a naturally occurring gemstone discovered by French Scientist Henri Moissan in the 1800s. Moissanite will repulse dirt and oil better than a diamond!

Is Moissanite Good for An Engagement Ring?

is moissanite good for engagement ring

Yes, moissanite is a perfect stone if set on any engagement ring. people are now selecting lovely moissanite stones because of their durability, fire, brilliance, and shine. Thus, one of the prominent reasons for selecting Moissanite engagement rings is their unmatched durability as they rank 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness that makes it one of the toughest substances on earth after natural diamond, and very appropriate for everyday wear as an engagement ring. 

If You Want to Make Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

custom engagement ring

While using customize option, you can craft according to the budget. If you are adding any extra work to the engagement ring then the price will fluctuate accordingly. hereby if you are creating an engraving ring then some jewelers may charge you the price but here at Loose Moissanite, we offer free engraving options to our beloved customers. Thus customization of the Engagement Ring also makes changes in the price level.

Price Depends on 4C's

Depends on 4c's

The 4cs factor also plays an important role in deciding the price of a Moissanite engagement ring, hereby the cut, carat, clarity, and color also matter the most while buying a moissanite engagement ring. 

Cut - The cut plays important in any of the shapes you select as they allow you to reflect the light in the appropriate direction. Grades of cuts are Fair & Poor, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. 

Carat - Carat is one of the most important factors that play a vital role in deciding the price of moissanite stone, as the carat weight increases the price of moissanite also increases and vice-versa. 

Clarity - The clarity of the stone displays how clean and inclusion-less the stone is, as clarity grades include AAAA, AAA, AA, A, and B qualities. 

Color - The term color defines, some stones that may have a yellow or green appeal which makes them look dull. The higher the grade of moissanite stone the more colorless stone would be. 

Price Of 1 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring

The Price of a 1ct Moissanite Engagement Ring would be based on clarity as well as the color of the stone, at Loose Moissanite the price of 1 carat round moissanite engagement ring is $250(price varies according to a selection of clarity, and a color grade of moissanite stone) here each and every piece of moissanite jewelry are of reasonable price showing unmatchable brilliance and shine at the reasonable rates. 


Moissanite Engagement Ring Price VS Diamond Engagement Ring Price

1 Carat 1.5 Carat 2 Carat 2.5 Carat 3 Carat
Moissanite Ring $499 $549 $619 $699 $799
Diamond Ring $10,000 $12,999 $15999 $17,000  $25,000


How to Care for Moissanite Engagement Rings

care for moissanite engagement ring

Moissanite engagement rings are the perfect piece of jewelry to invest in, as they provide lasting shine and luster through their beauty and cuts. Cleaning moissanite is simple and easy. One can clean their moissanite ring at home also with a few products. 

take a bowl of warm water and add a liquid soap solution to it, and then soak your engagement ring for 15-20 mins. Scrub it with a toothbrush all around your ring (Take care around the prongs). Now, clean it with normal water then wipe your ring with a soft cloth. 

To get professionally cleaned once a year you should visit the jewelry store and get it cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machines to maintain the shine of your Moissanite Engagement Ring.

Best Place to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

Do you wish to purchase Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings? You can be confident that your stone will be of the best quality, completely traceable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime when you purchase from Loose Moissanite. we have lots of variations in rings and we also have moissanite engagement rings under 500 USD. Contact us right away to discuss the design of your dream ring in very affordable price! 


Does Moissanite Lose Its Sparkle?

No, Moissanite never loses its sparkle, they just shine bright like a diamond. 

Is Moissanite Worth Buying?

Yes, it's a very beautiful stone having 9.25 hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness. Thus, Moissanite has become a popular option for engagement rings. Read More - 

Can Moissanite Rings be resized?

Moissanite is a very stable substance. With colorless, nearly colorless, or natural green moissanite in place, you can finish general repairs and sizing.

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