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Top Pros and Cons of Moissanite Engagement Ring

what is moissanite

Moissanite is lab created gemstone created in the labs formed of silicon carbide. Moissanite can be found in upper mantle rock and meteorites but their natural occurrence is very rare. Moissanite is the best alternative to a diamond because of its durability, sparkling formation, and affordable price.

 How is it Made?

how made moissanite

While they were being grown in a lab in the 1990s, moissanite was first identified in the 19th century. French scientist Dr. Henri Moissan made the initial discovery of moissanite in 1893 at the scene of a significant meteorite strike in Arizona. Scientists used a combination of pressure and heat to make silicon and carbon crystals with a structure resembling that of natural moissanite, which they then used to construct moissanite stone.

Pros and Cons of Moissanite

pros and cons

Pros -

1. Moissanite Look Like Diamonds

Moissanite is becoming the most popular and best alternative to diamonds, no one can tell the difference different moissanite and diamond. As they have the same identical properties. Their incredible durability and brilliance are a noncomparable quality and make them the best option for jewelry. 

2. It Has Outstanding Durability.

As moissanite ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it's the second-hardest stone after diamond. They are perfect and most suitable stones for everyday wear. Their amazing sparkle will never fade while they are scratch resistant.  

3. Moissanite Can Be Shaped and Sized in The Same Ways.

There are a number of shapes available in moissanite gemstone just like diamonds. They can be cut and assembled into any shape. Moissanite stone offers more brilliance than a diamond from its top surface. These stones are incredibly versatile and can be cut into any shape.

4. The Price Advantage Is Practically Unreal.

Moissanite is one of the best price-saving options, as they are more affordable than diamond rings. A moissanite stone is roughly 10% less costly than the cost of a mined diamond of equal size and quality, The value of moissanite is more prominent with larger carat weights. 

5. It Works Nicely in Many Different Settings.

Moissanite stone provides such an amazing shine and brilliance hereby they can be placed in any type of ring setting. Whether placed in the solitaire ring or in a pair of moissanite earrings they reflect the most amazing sparkle. 

6. Fire and Brilliance of Moissanite Is Diamond Better

People are in love with moissanite because of their incredible fire and brilliance. They reflect offer more of a rainbow sparkle as well as they reflect light in more proportion than a diamond. This benefit suggests that both choices deliver beauty, so it more comes down to your individual and unique choice.


1. Moissanite Cannot Match the Distinctive White Light that Diamonds Provide.

Diamond reflects the most white light rather than reflecting rainbow hue sparkle. The white light refraction shows the clear and simple beauty of a diamond. There is a slight change in how light refracts through the stone, people who know their diamonds will instantly confront you if you try to pass moissanite off as the real deal.

2. The Moissanite May Still Have a Tint After the Clearing Process.

Moissanite stones have a little warmer tone than that diamonds as moissanite are gone through a whitening process. The purpose is to give them equality with near-colorless diamonds, but it is not consistently attained. 

3. If You Need a Reset, Certain Jewelers Could Refuse to Work on Your Item.

Sometimes jewelers are willing to work only with natural diamonds instead of working with moissanite and other gemstones. Some jewelers might decline to work with moissanite stones in general, as they believe natural gemstones to be an excellent choice. Even though moissanite co-relates with natural stones in every aspect, it is advisable to contact your jeweler to confirm they will work on the moissanite stone.


Do You Regret Not Purchasing a Diamond Instead of A Moissanite Stone?

It completely depends on your choice, but selecting moissanite will never regret as they provide sparkle and durability at its best. They are also very cost-effective.  

Is a Moissanite Ring Worth It?

Yes, it's a very durable and strong stone and will definitely never lose its shine your entire life. So, it's worth getting a moissanite engagement rings as it will not get damaged easily.
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